User Experience Report

Project 1: User Experience Report Audience: Organization of your choice Grading: 20% Deliverables: 5-6 page report, include an APA bibliography that is NOT part of the minimum page requirement Sources: primary source (organization’s website) 2 secondary sources, Your job is to perform a User Experience report. For this project you will pick a specific organization (government organization, company, non-profit), and analyze the way users are represented and meant to engage with the website (and other deliverables linked to the website–Facebook, Twitter, Youtube accounts). You’ll propose which organization you want to research early on, and I’ll approve them. In terms of research, the majority of your work should be observations of the content, actions allowed, graphics, layout, etc. of the organization’s website. You should spend your time with the website performing user research–fiddling with the tools yourself, asking friends/family to do the same (if you can), and placing yourself in the seat of the user. Thus, your observations serve as the basis of “data” for this report. Include two outside sources that can be a combination of things from our course reading thus far and/or articles from ASU’s library (so, either two articles from the library or an article from the library and the Simmons’s book). The secondary sources should help you with the language of technical and professional communication. Maybe you find an article about how embedding video on a website engage the user more. You should use that to talk about your observations with embedding videos on your organization’s website. The UX Report needs to have the following sections: Introduction Methods Results Discussion Conclusion **As needed include appropriate graphs, images, screenshots to represent what you are discussing** Note: This project is linked to project 2. You will continue thinking about this organization and the user experience of their website as you write project 2. So, don’t delete anything after you turn in Project 1.

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