The Early Modern Mediterranean Letter

 Prompt: For this assignment, you are required to write a letter in the voice of a captive in the early modern Mediterranean. You may choose whether you are a Muslim captive in Europe, or a Christian captive in North Africa. The point of the letter is to convince someone (a family member, a friend, a government official, or a church member) to ransom you. In other words, you must make the appropriate case for why you are worthy of redemption. You should be creative, but you must also draw on accurate historical context from readings and lecture. Please include answers to the all questions in the prompt. These Readings are NECESSARY to answer the prompt.  • David Abulafia, The Great Sea o Page 384-391 o Page 404-408 o Page 411-427 o Page 428-451 • Luis de la Ysla • The Expulsion from Spain

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