Review the “Introduction” to Achebe’s Things Fall Apart

o Develop/refine critical thinking, analytic and writing skills, you are required to review the “Introduction” to Achebe’s Things Fall Apart and each review should be in the following format: Times New Roman 12-point font type and size 1” margins Double-spaced and three pages long Essay saved and submitted as Microsoft Word Document. Essay submitted in any other format (e.g., .RTF, PDF, .Pages and others) will not be admissible and will not be evaluated. In these reviews, you are expected to demonstrate a clear understanding of the issues raised in the readings and to actively engage them with a critical mind. These review assignments could be turned in anytime during the semester subject to the deadline set for each one. 1. What is the subject matter of the reading? You may start with a broad contextualization of the subject matter, main idea, or argument (within the context of this course). 2. What are the salient and auxiliary ideas, issues, and/or arguments (within the context of this class? 3. Discuss each of the salient points/issues and their supporting facts or arguments (within the context of this course). 4. Do you find these arguments, discussions, and expositions convincing? 5. What knowledge or experience of the issues, ideas, or events discussed in the reading do you have that supports your position above? 6. Evaluate the organization of the reading. Is it easy to understand?

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