Here is a example bellow Remembering Cut out “space” pictures from a magazine. Make a display or a collage. List space words (Alphabet Key). List the names of the planets in our universe. List all the things an astronaut would need for a space journey. Understanding Make your desk into a spaceship, Make an astronaut for a puppet play. Use it to tell what an astronaut does. Make a model of the planets in our solar system. Applying Keep a diary of your space adventure (5 days). What sort of instruments would you need to make space music? Make a list of questions you would like to ask an astronaut. Analyzing Make an application form for a person applying for the job of an astronaut. Compare Galileo’s telescope to a modern telescope. Distinguish between the Russian and American space programs. Evaluating Compare the benefits of living on Earth and the moon. You can take three people with you to the moon. Choose and give reasons. Choose a planet you would like to live on- explain why. Creating Write a newspaper report for the following headline: “Spaceship out of control”. Use the SCAMPER strategy to design a new space suit. Create a game called “Space Snap”. Prepare a menu for your spaceship crew. Design an advertising program for trips to the moon. Now it’s your turn… Look at the example of Bloom’s Taxonomy Sample Unit on Space. Pick a topic from below and design a sample Unit. Topics to choose from: Travel, Winter, Plants, Transportation, Spring, Talking about me, or Family For each level also provide ONE Learning Objective for one of the activities. For example: For the activity: List space words (Alphabet Key). What could be a learning objective for this activity (don’t forget ABCD method). You should have 6 objectives in total This should be uploaded to blackboard by the due date specified in class.

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