In this file of ECO 450 Week 8 Quiz there are the answers on: Housing constructi

In this file of ECO 450 Week 8 Quiz there are the answers on:Housing construction is generally believed to be an industry of constant costs. In the long run, which of the following is true if a $10 per square foot tax on housing construction is collected directly from builders?Which of the following is true about a lump-sum tax?The demand for medical care is very inelastic. If a 10-percent tax is levied on the sale of medical services and is collected from medical-care providers, then:Currently, a 10-cent per gallon tax is levied on gasoline consumption. The tax is increased to 20 cents per gallon. The excess burden of the tax will:Suppose an economy is comprised of only two markets: one for food and the other for housing. A tax on food used to finance transfer payments is likely to:A $0.30 per unit tax is imposed on a good that reduces the quantity supplied and demanded by 1000 units. What is the deadweight loss (ignore price elasticities)?The efficiency-loss ratio relative to tax is:The current price of compact discs, which are traded in perfectly competitive markets, is $10. A $1 per unit tax is levied on the discs. Annual record sales decline from five million to four million as a result of the tax. Assuming that the income effect of the tax-induced price change is negligible, the excess burden of the tax will be:If a lump-sum tax is imposed, the slope of the new budget line relative to the budget line prior to the tax:If the price elasticity of supply of labor is equal to 0.5 and the price elasticity of demand for labor is

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