Implement an analysis of the strategic factors in a healthcare organization

o Assess your ability to implement an analysis of the strategic factors in a healthcare organization..OverviewIn responding to challenges facing the healthcare industry, Mid-West Medical Center adopted a formal strategic planning process. A multidisciplinary committee was established that included managers, physicians, and community leaders. As the Vice President for Strategic Management at Mid-West Medical Center, you were chosen as Chair of this committee. The President of Mid-West outlined the expectations of the committee to include:Reaffirm or modify the mission statement.Identify strategic issues.Reach a consensus on long-term vision.Develop long-term goals in response to strategic issues.Establish key strategic objectives.Provide a basis for management to develop key business strategies.Over the next several months the committee assessed the healthcare environment both regionally and nationally, and concluded the traditional stand-alone acute care hospital is not going to be competitive in the future. The committee believed the hospital needs to transform or become part of a healthcare system.It is one thing for a manager to recommend changes and/or improvements and it is another thing to outline a course of action to achieve those recommendations. One of the responsibilities of a good manager is to recommend a course of action needed to implement recommended changes and improvements.

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