Identify and explain advantages and pitfalls of incumbency.

 Why do congressional incumbents have such a high rate of reelection? What major difficulties do incumbents face for reelection? For each advantage and pitfall, clearly explain what it is AND provide an example (or examples) and/or concrete supporting information/evidence mentioned by Patterson. Do you believe the high rate of reelections for Congressional incumbents is a good for democracy? Why or why not? Answer the question in an essay format with introduction, body, and conclusion. Use only Patterson’s We the People, 12th Edition in answering the essay question. Please do not use any outside material. I will provide the section of the book we are suppose to use. Since Patterson’s We the People is the only source you will be using in composing the essay, there is no need for a works-cited section. If you are directly quoting from Patterson, please use (author: page number) citation format at the end of your quote. For examples, “A second principle by which tainted evidence can be admitted is the inevitable discovery exception” (Patterson:134).

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