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(Get Answer) – (Get Answer ) – Vocabulary Question English Homework Help Question DescriptionVocabulary Assignment for Pico Iyer’s “Chapels,” pages 383-387 of the Norton Sampler 8th ed.Capacious (page 383)Intensifying (to intensify – page 383)Realm (page 384)Hymnbook (384: a book of religious songs for people to sing together)Monastery (page 384)Confrontational (confrontation – page 384)Babbling (to babble – page 384)Puny (page 384)Glory (page 384)Contradictory (page 385)Religious affiliations (page 385)Tumult (page 385)Clamoring (to clamor – page 385)Inoffensive (page 386)Consecutive (page 386)Banning (to ban – page 386)Vespers hour (page 386)Secular (page 386)Agitated (to agitate – page 386)Palpably (to palpate – page 386)Absorption (page 386)Convulsion (to convulse – page 386)The Virgin is the Virgin Mary, the mother of Jesus (page 386)Courtyard (page 387)Andalusia (a region of Spain – page 387)Blond-wood chairs (blond wood means light tan/dark white wood – page 387)Knelt (to kneel – page 387)Resources (page 387)Forcibly (to force – page 387)Evacuated (to evacuate – page 387)Reconstituted (to reconstitute – page 387)Profound (page 387)Reduced (to reduce – page 387)Ash (page 387)Immaterial (page 387)Invisible (page 387)Immortal (page 387)Rotunda roof (in architecture – a circular area, with a roof over it)Toll (in this context, the ringing of bells – page 387)For Tuesday, pick 12 of these words and look up their meanings in your dictionary. Then, please write 10 original sentences in which you use the words you have selected. To receive full credit, the sentences must be correctly written, so proof read them before you turn them in. These are due on October 18, at the beginning of class.