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(Get Answer) – (Get Answer) – Incorporating Graphics Into The Justification Report Discussion Help Question DescriptionDISCUSSIONS(All of these Discussions are pertaining to the Justification report you’ve done last week, and also preparation for the next/continuation of Justification report (Justification 2.2 and Justification 2.3).Discussion #1“Preparing Reports and Proposals – Research” Please respond to the following:Locate a secondary source on EBSCOHost published in the past year that will help you explore the problem you have raised in your Justification Report. (Use the “Cite” tool on the EBSCOHost Website to copy and paste the APA Reference information into your response so that your classmates and instructor can see the source.) Next, explain why you chose this source, and determine how it will help you to evaluate your alternatives (i.e. possible solutions offered) and arrive at a recommendation for your employer.Discussion #2“Incorporating Graphics Into the Justification Report”  Please respond to the following:This week, you are to add a graph to your Justification Report. Discuss how you’ll approach this part of your assignment, and state the main reasons why you feel that graphs are a necessary part of a formal report.From Part 1 of this discussion, determine the main benefits of using graphs in the report presentation. Next, explain the matter in which a creatively constructed graph might help you to better manage and present your data.Discussion #3“Putting it All Together – Revising the Justification Report” Please respond to the following:This week, you will utilize the techniques that you have studied in your Week 6 readings to revise your Justification Report while adding the final parts. Based on your readings, state three (3) things that you will be looking for as you revised and proofread (e.g. organization, structure, grammar elements). Discuss the strategies that you will implement to ensure that your assingment is polished and in final draft format.