Cyber Issues with US Border Protection

 You will need to provide a complete description of the situation; tell what happened. Be detailed. NOTE: You must write a graduate level paper. Your content is most important and demonstrate that you have an understanding of the subject matter. A paper that would be turned in for a high school or undergraduate assignment is unacceptable. Finally, provide a conclusion which includes your opinion of the overall topic you have chosen and how it effects Cybersecurity within the United States and the world. Note: You will not be graded on the content of your opinion. The class is an open forum; however, you will be graded on your adherence to APA style. Formatting Details: The paper must be completed utilizing APA 6th Edition format. The completed research paper will be no less than five (5) pages in length, consist of the student’s original work and contain a complete reference section. A total of ten (10) resources that include peer reviewed journals and Internet articles from reputable sources.

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