Amazon VS Walmart

 In preparing written case analyses, you should focus on the managerial decision to be made. Choose a course of action, and explain your decision-making process. Be specific. Do not spend much time summarizing the basic facts of the case. Show your ideas on how to address the situation. The written cases should be no more than three pages in length, plus exhibits. All written cases are to be typed, double-spaced with normal margins in 12-point font. ignore the questions asked in the case. Instead, assume that you are an analyst for a large financial services company and that your special areas of interest are retailing and supply chain management. You have a wealthy client that wants to make a large investment in either Walmart or Amazon. Based upon the materials in the case, and other sources if you want to use them, which company would you recommend. Please give the specific reasons that you would recommend one versus the other. You can only pick one.

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